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Documenting pay phones in the Comox Valley

By Location lists by city and location.

By Number lists by phone number.

Map shows pay phone locations.

The Lists

The letter I means it's an indoor phone, and O means it's an outdoor phone. Any listing with a link indicates a photo of that location. A number with a pink background shows a pay phone that is in service. Click the  M  for a map.

The Maps

The squares are pay phones with links to photos; the squares are pay phones without links; hover pointer over a square for name and address.


Historical Notes

Courtenay's 338-70xx pay phone numbers were switched to the 334-90xx series in 1987.

The 335-99xx numbers used to be in the 335-83xx series.

In 1990 the 334-91xx numbers were assigned as Courtenay needed more pay phones.

The Comox Valley is in British Columbia, and used to be in area code 604. It was changed to area code 250 in June 1997.

BC Tel became Telus in 2000. Phone booths were quickly given the new logos and colours.

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