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2011 September 15th

For the benchwork I built frames with 1x4 lumber, attached 2x2 legs and braced them with 1x2 lumber. The table top is half-inch plywood which has 1x4 pieces attached to the bottom; these 1x4s are bolted to the frame, which keeps the layout firmly in place. Glued to this is one-inch foam insulation upon which to start building. (I didn't use pink insulation because I find blue a more restful colour to look at until it is painted.)

Before it was a train room it was a dining room.

Everything is cleared out and construction is ready to begin.

The wood is cut and we're ready to build the bench.

Three frames are made. They will be bolted together to form the L-shaped bench.

The legs are being attached and braced for strength.

The bench is now standing. The shelf in the middle will be cut at 45 degrees.

Here is a look under the bench. It is bolted together and can be disassembed.

The foam is cut and ready to be glued down. The 45-degree cut is made.

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