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The TNSF is a short point-to-point rail line that connects a rail barge and a railyard to a number of industries. It is a busy railway with freight and passenger services that run daily.

The Holt Rail Barge is the link to outlying areas. It delivers freight to and from the many industries, and moves empty cars as required by Holden Yard.

A dayliner Budd car transports passengers between the stations at Tsable Narrows and Strathcona Flats.

Driscoll Industries is in Holden Yard. It provides locomotive and rail car maintenance, and operates a fueling depot.

There are seven industries in Strathcona Flats: Delores' Desserts, Carl-son Enterprises, ABC Printing, Kayto Courier, Shell Service, MTG Manufacturing and Paul's Lumber Yard.

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