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1998 July 24th
Benny Hill Songbook web page went online.

1998 August 11th
Guitarchive web page went online.

1999 July 1st
A Canadian website previously known as Great White North, True North, Strong and Free went online 1999 July 1st, appropriately on Canada Day.

1999 July 5th
We got our 100th visitor.

2000 January 9th
We got our 1000th visitor.

2000 January 19th
Heart Strings web page went online.

2000 March 27th
We received the Cool Canuck Site Award for a website with Canadian content.

2000 May 30th
We got our 1867th visitor. Canadians will understand the significance of this.

2000 July 1st
We had 2132 visitors in our first year.

2000 September 22nd
Life's Bloopers web page went online.

2000 November
Comox Valley Pay Phones web page went online.

2001 January 1st
Wanting a name with a more Canadian flavour, we renamed our domain to tnsf.ca.

2001 February
We received the Voice on Canada Award of Excellence for Canadian content on a website.

2009 January
Betty web page went online.

2011 September 15th
True North, Strong and Free became the home of the TNSF, my model railroad which began construction this year.

2021 December 4th
True North, Strong and Free became the home of the second layout of the TNSF.

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