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2022 April 16th

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In 1998 our website was known as Great White North. We began by hosting the Benny Hill Songbook, and shortly after that, Guitarchive.

We wanted a better name for our website so we chose True North, Strong and Free (a lyric taken from the Canadian national anthem) and on Canada Day in 1999 our new format went online. Over the following 18 months we hosted three additional pages: Heart Strings, Life's Bloopers and Comox Valley Pay Phones.

We thought our domain should have a more Canadian flavour so in the beginning of 2001 we became tnsf.ca.

Our site has had minor updates, and for over ten years it has, for the most part, remained unchanged. Construction began on the TNSF, a model railroad layout, and on 2011 September 15th, tnsf.ca became its home.

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