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Current Phones
42 pay phones listed
Black Creek   Buckley Bay   Comox   Courtenay
Cumberland   Fanny Bay   Union Bay
2 phones
Black Creek Store  8268 Island Highway
left of entrance O 337-9090  
There used to be one phone here and a second phone was added. Now there's just one again.
Pacific Playgrounds Resort & Marina  9082 Clarkson Avenue
front of store O 337-9012  
At one time there were three phone booths at the front of the store.
2 phones
BC Ferries (Buckley Bay to Denman Island)  Island Highway
waiting room O 335-9915  
Buckley Bay Store  6856 Island Highway
parking lot O 335-9982  
14 phones
Black Fin Pub  132 Port Augusta Street
entrance I 339-9036  
BC Ferries (Comox to Powell River)  1400 Ellenor Road
waiting room I 339-9009, 339-9056  
The phone booth in the parking lot has been removed.
Comox Valley Airport  1250 Knight Road
departures I 339-9062   arrivals I 339-9016   secure area I 339-9030, 339-9061   luggage belt 1 I 339-9093   luggage belt 2 I 339-9059  
The two pay phones at the luggage belts are on opposite sides of the wall from one another.
Glacier Gardens  1399 Military Row
by change room I 339-9065  
Government Wharf  121 Port Augusta Street
O 339-9047  
There used to be two phone booths on the wharf.
Griffin Pub  1185 Kilmorley Road
entrance I 339-9086  
John's Independent Grocer  215-C Port Augusta Street
I 339-9070  
Part of the Comox Centre Mall.
Petro-Canada  1720 Anderton Road
O 339-9044  
This used to be a Supreme Convenience.
19 phones
Bus Depot  #9, 2663 Kilpatrick Avenue
O 334-9150  
The bus depot was moved here from the corner of Eighth Street and Fitzgerald Avenue.
Driftwood Mall  2751 Cliffe Avenue
Canadian Tire entrance I 334-9047, 334-9049, 334-9072   London Drugs entrance I 334-9040, 334-9128, 334-9048  
Florence Filberg Centre  411 Anderton Avenue
downstairs lobby I 334-9078  
The phone at the upstairs entrance has been removed.
Husky  2350 Cliffe Avenue
O 334-9021  
Kitty Coleman Beach Provincial Park  Whitaker Road
O 334-9029  
Lewis Centre  489 Old Island Highway
admin desk I 334-9137  
Mex Beer & Wine Store  1001 Ryan Road
front of store O 334-9066  
Mulligan's Golf Course  4985 Cotton Road
pro shop O 334-9182  
7-Eleven  2295 Cliffe Avenue
O 334-9023  
Supreme Convenience  #103, 1810 Lake Trail Road
entrance I 334-9092  
Walmart  3199 Cliffe Avenue
entrance O 334-9181   washrooms I 334-9031  
When Walmart was built in 2001 it had three AT&T phones; they were later replaced with Telus phones. The phone by the checkouts has been removed.
Whistle Stop Pub  2355 Mansfield Drive
entrance I 334-9067  
Willemar Grocery  1155 Willemar Avenue
front door I 334-9077  
2 phones
Cumberland Hotel  2714 Dunsmuir Avenue
lobby I 336-9007  
Gas N Go  4690 Cumberland Road
wall by carwash O 336-9034  
1 phone
Lighthouse RV Park  8256 Island Highway South
laundry building O 335-9903  
This used to be Pepperland RV Park. In May 2018 this phone was in place but disconnected, and was slated to be removed.
2 phones
Islander Hotel  5467 Island Highway South
I 335-9980  
Union Bay Market  5555 Island Highway
O 335-9989  
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