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Black CreekBuckley BayComoxCourtenayCumberlandDenman Island
Fanny BayHornby IslandMervilleMount WashingtonRoystonUnion Bay
Alders Beach Resort171 Williams Beach Road M 
• laundry building I 337-9016
Black Creek Post Office8667 Island Highway M 
O 337-9006
Building was known as Rosie's Country Junction.
Black Creek Store8268 Island Highway M 
• left of store entrance O 337-9008, 337-9090
Breakers Resort8940 Clarkson Avenue M 
O 337-9017
BC Tel7889 North Island Highway M 
Hideaway Resort9413 Bracken Road M 
• wall of store O 337-9097   • Hideaway Pub entrance I 337-9013
Miracle Beach CampgroundMiracle Beach Drive M 
• front gate O 337-9096, 337-9007
Miracle Beach Resort168 Miracle Beach Drive M 
• outside store O 337-9010
Miracle Service8655 Island Highway M 
O 337-9018
This later became Payless Gas.
Oyster River Resort9022 Clarkson Avenue M 
• laundry room I 337-9005
Pacific Playgrounds Resort9082 Clarkson Avenue M 
O 337-9098, 337-9092, 337-9012
Passages Oceanfront Resort8914 Clarkson Avenue M 
Saratoga Beach Golf Course2084 Saratoga Road M 
O 337-9022
Saratoga Beach Resort8958 Clarkson Avenue M 
O 337-9011, 337-9021
Saratoga Speedway2380 Macaulay Road M 
• concession O 337-9004
BC Ferries (Buckley Bay to Denman Island)Island Highway M 
• waiting room O 335-9915
Buckley Bay Rest Area6866 Buckley Bay Road M 
O 335-9916
Buckley Bay Store6856 Island Highway M 
O 335-8308   • parking lot O 335-9908, 335-9982
7-Eleven2002 Comox Avenue M 
O 339-9071
Tastee Freez and Arnolds were at this address before 7-Eleven was built.
Arnold'sSee 7-Eleven
Bamboo Inn1842 Comox Avenue M 
O 339-9000
This later became Zorba's Place II.
Black Fin Pub132 Port Augusta Street M 
339-9050   • entrance I 339-9036
This location was 339-9050 first, then 339-9036.
The phone was removed in the fall of 2020.
BC Ferries (Comox to Powell River)1400 Ellenor Road M 
• waiting room I 339-9009, 339-9056   • parking lot O 339-9026
339-9009 and 339-9026 were once together inside the waiting room.
Canadian Forces Base ComoxMilitary Row M 
• BB 24A airmen's quarters I 339-9001   • BB 80 officers' quarters I 339-9007   • BB 25A wing I 339-9008   • junior ranks mess building I 339-9011   • building 137 I 339-9069   I 339-9072   I 339-9075   • building 24 southeast entrance I 339-9076   • BB 6B I 339-9088   • officers' barracks #79 I 339-9089   • BB 26A I 339-9093   I 339-9096
Canex Store1375 Military Row M 
• side entrance I 339-9069
Cedar Village Motel700 Anderton Road M 
O 339-9042
The phone used to be on the outside wall beside the store entrance. The motel
was demolished near the end of 2003.
Chevron Town Pantry701 Anderton Road M 
O 339-9074, 339-9075
Comox Air Force MuseumMilitary Row M 
• at CFB Comox entrance O 339-9066
Comox AirportMilitary Row M 
I 339-9003, 339-9083
This was closed when the Comox Valley Airport opened in April 2004.
Comox Bay Marina1801 Beaufort Avenue M 
• parking lot O 339-9014   • gas dock O 339-9068   O 339-9085
Comox Centre Mall215 Port Augusta Street M 
• Super Valu entrance I 339-9090   • concession I 339-9093   • Super Valu entrance I 339-9070, 339-9046, 339-9097   • hardware store I 339-9070   • BC Liquor Store I 339-9073   • Port Augusta Street O 339-9034
In the early 1980s there were the only two pay phones in the Comox Centre Mall.
339-9070 was moved from the concession stand to Super Valu entrance with the
other two phones: 339-9070, 334-9046 and 334-9097. In 2002 the middle phone
was removed. See also John's Independent Grocer.
Comox Community Centre1855 Noel Avenue M 
• foyer I 339-9019
Previously known as Comox Recreation Centre.
Comox Military Family Resource Centre1575 Military Row M 
• foyer I 339-9022, 339-9024
339-9022 was removed around early 2002.
Comox Pinky Coin Laundry149 Port Augusta Street M 
I 339-9006
Number was listed in the phone book.
Comox Shell2052 Comox Avenue M 
• laundromat O 339-9033
Comox Valley Airport1250 Knight Road M 
• departures I 339-9062   • arrivals I 339-9016   • secure area I 339-9030, 339-9061   • luggage I 339-9093, 339-9059
The Comox Valley Airport was opened in April 2004.
Edge Marine Pub1805 Beaufort Avenue M 
• entrance I 339-9051
Evergreen Motel1950 Comox Avenue M 
• laundry room I 339-9038
Filberg Park61 Filberg Road M 
• park entrance O 339-9084   • tea house I 339-9000
Glacier Gardens1399 Military Row M 
• by change room I 339-9065
Phone was removed around the end of 2020.
Good's Grocery1496 Ryan Road M 
O 339-9057
Government Wharf121 Port Augusta Street M 
• dock O 339-9047, 339-9040   • under shelter O 339-9047
The 339-9040 phone was taken out and the 339-9047 phone was moved
under shelter. Around the end of 2020 the remaining phone was removed.
Griffin Pub1185 Kilmorley Road M 
• entrance I 339-9086
HMCS QuadraGoose Spit M 
• building 3 officers' mess I 339-9018   I 339-9023, 339-9043, 339-9045, 339-9064, 339-9090   • mess hall I 339-9031   • main gate O 339-9067, 339-9002, 339-9063, 339-9006   • parade square O 339-9090, 339-9023, 339-9064, 339-9043
Highland Park701 Torrence Road M 
O 339-9031
Highland Secondary School750 Pritchard Road M 
• gymnasium I 339-9013   • office I 339-9058   I 339-9002
John's Independent Grocer215-C Port Augusta Street M 
I 339-9070
Part of the Comox Centre Mall.
Jolly Giant2064 Comox Avenue M 
O 339-9027
Kin Beach Park1712 Astra Road M 
• porch O 339-9021
King Coho Restaurant1250 Wally Road M 
O 339-9032, 339-9098
Kye Bay Store476 Windslow Road M 
O 339-9091   O 339-9015
Both numbers have been at this location.
Leeward Pub649 Anderton Road M 
• entrance I 339-9080, 339-9082
The Loft2100 Guthrie Road M 
• entrance I 339-9067
The Loft building was moved from Comox to Courtenay by the Washington Inn.
Longlands Par 3 Golf Course1239 Anderton Road M 
O 339-9029
Lorne Hotel1770 Comox Avenue M 
• Heritage Room I 339-9005
McDonald's Restaurant729 Anderton Road M 
O 339-9091
Otter's Bistro By the Bay1805 Beaufort Avenue M 
• laundromat & showers O 339-9053
Port Augusta Motel2082 Comox Avenue M 
I 339-9079
Portuguese Joe's3025 Comox Road M 
O 339-9092
St. Joseph's General Hospital2137 Comox Avenue M 
• entrance I 339-9027, 339-9039   • emergency, entrance I 339-9041, 339-9071   • extended care nursing station I 339-9016   • maternity I 339-9028   • nursery I 339-9037   • extended care I 339-9054   • emergency, back hallway I 339-9035   • day room 1st floor I 339-9049   • day room 2nd floor I 339-9052   • day room 3rd floor I 339-9004   • psychiatric I 339-9063   • hallway 1st floor I 339-9094   I 339-9095
Seaview Tent & Trailer685 Lazo Road M 
O 339-9012
Smitty's Pancake House1747 Comox Avenue M 
• entrance I 339-9044
Strathcona PlazaAnderton Road M 
O 339-9019
Supersave Gas648 Anderton Road M 
O 339-9072
Supreme Convenience1720 Anderton Road M 
O 339-9044
Tastee FreezSee 7-Eleven
7-Eleven2295 Cliffe Avenue M 
O 338-7023   O 334-9023
7-Eleven450 Ryan Road M 
O 338-7028   O 334-9028
9 to 9 GrocerySee Mission Hill Market
A&W Restaurant2840 Cliffe Avenue M 
• left entrance I 338-7022   334-9022
ABC Family Restaurant2751 Cliffe Avenue M 
• entrance I 338-7061   • entrance I 334-9061
In the Driftwood Mall.
Acropolis Restaurant#1, 450 Ryan Road M 
• entrance I 334-9039   • entrance O 334-9070
Columbo's Steakhouse used to be here.
Appletree Market908 Fifth Street M 
• entrance O 338-7026   O 334-9026   I 334-9026
Phone was moved inside.
Arbutus Hotel275 Eighth Street M 
• lobby I 338-7080, 338-7090   • pub I 338-7089   • lobby I 334-9080, 334-9090   • pub I 334-9089   • pub I 334-9055
Pub's number was later changed to 334-9055.
Athena's RestaurantSee Tommy Tucker's Restaurant
Bates Beach Boat House5726 Coral Road M 
O 338-7058   O 334-9058
Beaufort Recreation Club & Billiard Parlour367 Fourth Street M 
I 338-7075
Best Western Collingwood Inn1675 Cliffe Avenue M 
• lobby I 334-9052
This used to be Collingwood Inn.
Betty's Place CafeSee Courtenay Air Park
Billy D's Pub268 Fifth Street M 
• back I 334-9095
Bino's RestaurantSee Players Family Restaurant
Bonanza RestaurantSee White Spot Restaurant
Boogie Man's Disco90 Fifth Street M 
• entrance I 338-7083   • entrance I 334-9083
Later became Jiggers Cabaret.
Boston Pizza2663 Cliffe Avenue M 
• entrance I 334-9041
BC Access Centre2500 Cliffe Avenue M 
• foyer I 334-9102
BC Liquor Store961 England Avenue M 
• parking lot O 334-9087
BC TelSee Telus
Budget FoodsSee Courtenay Country Market
Bus Depot#9, 2663 Kilpatrick Avenue M 
O 334-9150   • waiting room I 334-9152
The inside phone was removed first. The bus depot used
to be at 488 Eighth Street, by Fitzgerald Avenue.
Bus Depot488 Eighth Street M 
O 338-7065   • waiting room I 338-7093, 338-7064   O 334-9065   • waiting room I 334-9093, 334-9064
CRA Hall489 Old Island Highway M 
I 338-7008   I 334-9008
Courtenay Recreation Association. The Lewis Centre was built in its place.
Canada Employment Centre130 19th Street M 
• entrance I 334-9136
Canadian Tire278 Island Highway M 
• old building I 338-7053, 334-9053   • new building, service entrance I 334-9065
Pictured here is the store built in place of the old one.
Chalky's Billiards1755 Thirteenth Street M 
O 334-9054
Chevron Town Pantry600 Ryan Road M 
O 334-9194   O 334-9194
The phone was moved to the Island Highway entrance after the station was
Cliffe Avenue GulfSee Cliffe Avenue Petro-Can
Cliffe Avenue Petro-Can1723 Cliffe Avenue M 
O 338-7086   O 334-9086   O 334-9195, 334-9196   • Bell phones O 334-9648, 334-9684
This used to be Cliffe Avenue Gulf. Telus phones were later replaced with Bell phones.
Coast Westerly HotelSee Westerly Hotel
Coleman Road Store5908 Bates Road M 
O 334-9069
Collingwood InnSee Best Western Collingwood Inn
Columbo's Steakhouse#1, 450 Ryan Road
• entrance I 338-7039   • entrance O 338-7070   • entrance I 334-9039   • entrance O 334-9070
Acropolis Restaurant later opened here.
Comox Lake Hostel4847 Lake Trail Road M 
Comox Valley Aquatic Centre377 Lerwick Road M 
I 334-9127
Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce2040 Cliffe Avenue M 
O 338-7005   O 334-9005
This was also the Tourist Bureau.
Comox Valley Curling Club4835 Headquarters Road M 
I 338-7091   I 334-9091
Comox Valley Exhibition Grounds4795 Headquarters Road M 
• front gate O 334-9012
The phone used to be on the side of the Kinn Hut building by the parking lot.
Comox Valley Sports Centre3001 Vanier Drive M 
• foyer I 338-7018   • foyer I 334-9018   • skating rink I 334-9188   • hockey rink I 334-9103
Phones for the ice rinks were added later.
Cottonwood Auto Court32 Fifth Street M 
O 338-7096
Courtenay & District MuseumSee Courtenay Post Office
Courtenay Air Park102 20th Street M 
O 338-7032   O 334-9032
Was also Betty's Place Cafe.
Courtenay Alano Club129 Fifth Street M 
I 338-7073
Courtenay Alano Club543 Sixth Street M 
I 334-9193
Courtenay Centre Mall2401 Cliffe Avenue M 
O 334-9094
Courtenay Civic Theatre456 Cliffe Avenue M 
I 338-7042   I 334-9042
Courtenay Country Market5352 North Island Highway M 
O 338-7015   O 334-9105
This used to be Lloyd Park Nursery, Budget Foods, and IGA Foods.
Courtenay Courthouse420 Cumberland Road M 
• foyer I 338-7060   • foyer I 334-9060
Phone was later moved upstairs.
Courtenay Health Services Centre1350 England Avenue M 
• foyer I 334-9087
Courtenay Hotel498 Old Island Highway M 
• lobby I 338-7033, 338-7068   • pub I 338-7059   • lobby I 334-9033, 334-9068, 334-9159   • pub I 334-9059
The lobby used to have just two phones; 334-9159 was added later.
Courtenay Pink Elephant Coin LaundrySee Pink Elephant Coin Laundry
Courtenay Pinky Coin LaundrySee Pink Elephant Coin Laundry
Courtenay Post Office219 Fourth Street M 
• entrance O 338-7006   • entrance O 334-9006
Was later location for Courtenay & District Museum.
Courtenay Shell2591 Cliffe Avenue M 
O 334-9096
Crown Isle Golf Resort399 Clubhosue Drive M 
• foyer I 334-9109, 334-9110, 334-9112   • pro shop I 334-9108
Dairy Queen1030 Cliffe Avenue M 
O 334-9025
Driftwood Mall2751 Cliffe Avenue M 
• Zellers entrance I 338-7047, 338-7049   • People's entrance I 338-7040, 338-7048   • Zellers entrance I 334-9047, 334-9049, 334-9072   • People's entrance I 334-9040, 334-9128, 334-9048   • Overwaitea entrance I 334-9045, 334-9061, 334-9008
There used to be two phones at Zellers entrance (338-7047 and 338-7049) and
two phones at People's entrance (338-7040 and 338-7048). Overwaitea Foods
later became Save On Foods.
Economy InnSee Motel 6
Elks Hall231 Sixth Street M 
• entrance I 334-9076
Farmer Dan's ProduceSee Mansfield Business Centre.
Florence Filberg Centre411 Anderton Avenue M 
• downstairs lobby I 334-9078   • upstairs entrance I 334-9079
GP Vanier Secondary School4830 Headquarters Road M 
• office I 334-9106, 334-9121   • gynmasium I 334-9107
The phone 334-9121 by the office was added afterward.
George's Food Bar540 Comox Road M 
O 334-9099
Headquarters Shell157 North Island Highway M 
O 338-7009   O 334-9009
Husky Food Store1135 Cliffe Avenue M 
O 334-9007
This used to be Land's Happy Mart.
HuskySee Mohawk Courtenay Service
IGA FoodsSee Courtenay Country Market
JJ's Gym883 McPhee Avenue M 
I 334-9088
Jaspers Seaside Resort5730 Coral Road M 
O 334-9075
Jiggers CabaretSee Boogie Man's Disco
Joe Read's Bookstore & Internet Cafe#5, 2760 Cliffe Avenue M 
I 334-9025
John's Chevron721 Cumberland Road M 
O 334-9038
King Koin Launderette467 Fourth Street M 
I 338-7017   I 334-9017
Number was listed in the phone book.
Kinn HutSee Comox Valley Exhibition Grounds
Kitty Coleman ParkWhitaker Road M 
O 338-7029   O 334-9029
Land's Happy MartSee Husky Food Store
Lewis Centre489 Old Island Highway M 
• admin desk I 334-9137
The Lewis Centre was built in place of the CRA Hall.
Lillian Lefcoe Centre237 Third Street M 
• entrance I 334-9095
Lloyd Park NurserySee Courtenay Country Market
The Loft1001 Ryan Road M 
• entrance I 334-9114, 334-9115
334-9114 was later removed.
Mac's Convenience Store526 Cumberland Road M 
• parking lot O 338-7001   O 334-9001
Mansfield Business Centre2270 Cliffe Avenue M 
O 334-9043   • Farmer Dan's entrance I 338-7043   • Farmer Dan's entrance I 334-9043
This used to be Farmer Dan's Produce and phone was inside.
Maple Pool Campsite4701 Headquarters Road M 
O 334-9073
McDonald's Restaurant1799 Cliffe Avenue M 
O 334-9134
Mex Beer & Wine StoreSee Washington Inn
Mike Finneron Pontiac-Buick250 Old Island Highway M 
O 338-7001
By the corner of Island Highway and Headquarters Road.
Mission Hill Market4915 North Island Highway M 
O 338-7056
9 to 9 Grocery was later here.
Mohawk Courtenay Service2350 Cliffe Avenue M 
O 338-7021   O 334-9021
Husky was here afterward.
Motel 62605 Cliffe Avenue M 
I 338-7004   I 338-7082   • breezeway O 338-7062   • breezeway O 334-9062
Later became Economy Inn.
Mr. Mike's Steakhouse579 Cliffe Avenue M 
I 338-7000   • behind swinging doors I 334-9000
Our Way Restaurant was here afterward.
Mulligan's Golf Course4985 Cotton Road M 
• pro shop O 334-9182
North Island College2300 Ryan Road M 
• Discovery Hall O 334-9139   • Discovery Hall I 334-9122   • Discovery Hall library I 334-9126   • Discovery Hall upstairs I 334-9125   • Puntledge Hall I 334-9131   • Raven Hall I 334-9124   • Komoux Hall I 334-9138
North Island College2785 Mansfield Road M 
• lobby I 334-9050
North Island College407 Fifth Street M 
O 338-7098   O 334-9098
Ocean View Plaza2885 Cliffe Avenue M 
O 334-9101
Old House Restaurant100 17th Street M 
• entrance I 338-7084   • entrance I 334-9084
Orca's Family RestaurantSee Smitty's Pancake House
Our Way RestaurantSee Mr. Mike's Steakhouse
Overwaitea Gas Bar2751 Cliffe Avenue M 
O 334-9151
By the Driftwood Mall
Payless Gas270 Old Island Highway M 
O 334-9133
Payless Gas581 Ryan Road M 
• hallway by restrooms I 334-9118
Pink Elephant Coin Laundry339 Sixth Street M 
I 334-9074   I 338-7087
Was also Courtenay Pinky Coin Laundry (338-7087), Courtenay Pink Elephant
Coin Laundry (338-7087) and Starlite Coin Laundry (338-7087 and 334-9074).
Both numbers were listed in the phone book.
Pizza Hut1742 Cliffe Avenue M 
• hallway by restrooms I 334-9116
Players Family Restaurant2601 Cliffe Avenue M 
• entrance I 334-9003
This used to be Bino's Restaurant.
Quizno's Subs581 Ryan Road M 
O 334-9160
Rafters Restaurant1320 Cliffe Avenue M 
I 338-7012
Real Canadian Superstore795 Ryan Road M 
• exit I 334-9148, 334-9147   • exit, Bell phones I 334-9643, 334-9658
Telus phones were later replaced with Bell phones.
Ricky's Restaurant795 Ryan Road M 
• entrance I 334-9153
Robin's Donuts1541 Cliffe Avenue M 
I 338-7016   I 334-9016
Safeway1551 Cliffe Avenue M 
• right entrance I 334-9175
Safeway moved here in 2003.
Safeway310 Eighth Street M 
O 338-7085   O 338-7036   I 334-9036   • front of store O 334-9036
At one time 334-9036 was located inside the store.
Salvation Army Thrift Store2966 Kilpatrick Avenue M 
I 334-9197
Shoppers Drug Mart364 Eighth Street M 
O 338-7085   O 334-9085
Was also by Woodwyn in the same shopping plaza.
Simms Millennium Park68 Fifth Street M 
O 334-9119
By Fifth Street Bridge, at the current loction of Simms Millennium Park.
Sleepy Hollow Inn1190 Cliffe Avenue M 
• entrance O 338-7096
Smitty's Pancake House1080 Cliffe Avenue M 
• Smitty's I 338-7052   • Orca's I 338-7014
Orca's Family Restaurant later opened here.
Some Like It Hot Restaurant2104 Cliffe Avenue M 
I 334-9103
Spaceworks379 Fifth Street M 
O 334-9146
Starlite Coin LaundrySee Pink Elephant Coin Laundry
Sunnydale Golf Course5291 North Island Highway M 
• clubhouse veranda O 334-9037
Super ValuSee Thrifty Foods
Supreme Convenience#103, 1810 Lake Trail Road M 
• entrance I 334-9092
Supreme Convenience130 Centennial Drive M 
O 334-9062
Telus785 Cliffe Avenue M 
• entrance O 338-7002   • entrance O 334-9002   • entrance I 334-9057   • back of store I 334-9057
Formerly BC Tel. Inside phone was near entrance and then moved to the back
of the Telus Store.
Theo's RestaurantSee Tommy Tucker's Restaurant
Thrifty Foods660 England Avenue M 
• checkouts I 338-7019   • checkouts I 334-9019
Was once Super Valu, then Village Food Mart. After Thrifty Foods expanded the store
in 2003 the pay phone was removed.
Tommy Tucker's Restaurant1742 Cliffe Avenue M 
• entrance I 338-7020   • entrance I 334-9020
Later became Theo's Restaurant, then Athena's Restaurant.
Tourist BureauSee Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce
Tsolum Store6056 North Island Highway M 
Valentino's RestaurantSee Washington Inn
Valley Bingo Palace2791 Kilpatrick Avenue M 
• entrance I 334-9030, 334-9158
334-9158 was added later.
Vancouver Island Regional Library300 Sixth Street M 
• entrance I 334-9117
Via Rail Station901 Cumberland Road M 
• platform O 334-9051   • platform, Bell phone O 334-0897
Telus phone was replaced with a Bell phone.
Village Food MartSee Thrifty Foods
Walmart3199 Cliffe Avenue M 
• entrance, AT&T phone O 338-5974   • checkouts, AT&T phone I 338-4518   • customer service, AT&T phone I 338-4072   • entrance O 334-9181   • checkouts I 334-9180   • washrooms I 334-9031
AT&T phones were installed when Walmart opened in October 2001. The phones
were changed to Telus phones around the end of 2002.
Washington Inn1001 Ryan Road M 
• lobby I 338-7066   • pub I 338-7071   • Valentino's Restaurant I 338-7010   • lobby I 334-9066   • pub I 334-9071   • Valentino's Restaurant I 334-9010   • Mex Beer & Wine Store O 334-9066
Number for the pub was listed in the phone book.
Washington Studio Suites1027 Ryan Road M 
334-9088, 334-9100
Westerly Hotel1590 Cliffe Avenue M 
• lobby I 338-7034, 338-7013   • pub I 338-7035   • lobby I 334-9034, 334-9013, 334-9097   • pub I 334-9035
This later became Coast Westerly Hotel. The lobby used to have just two phones;
334-9097 was added later.
Whistle Stop Pub2355 Mansfield Drive M 
• entrance I 338-7067   • entrance I 334-9067
White Spot2299 Cliffe Avenue M 
I 334-9081
Bonanza Restaurant used to be at this address.
White Tower Pizza645 Cliffe Avenue M 
• Zorba's I 338-7075   • White Tower I 338-7044   • White Tower I 334-9054
Zorba's Restaurant was once here.
Willemar Grocery1155 Willemar Avenue M 
• front door I 334-9077
Woodsman InnLake Trail Road
WoodwynSee Shoppers Drug Mart
Zellers2751 Cliffe Avenue M 
O 338-7072   O 334-9072
At one time the pay phone was located inside the store. See also Driftwood Mall.
Zorba's RestaurantSee White Tower Restaurant
BC Tel2774 Dunsmuir Avenue M 
O 336-9090
CRI Hall2665 Dunsmuire Avenue M 
Cumberland Big Store2706 Dunsmuir Avenue M 
I 336-9010
Cumberland Coin LaundryDunsmuir Avenue
I 336-9098
Number was listed in the phone book.
Cumberland Health Centre2696 Windermere Avenue M 
I 336-9098
Cumberland Hotel2714 Dunsmuir Avenue M 
• lobby I 336-9093   • pub I 336-9007
336-9093 was listed in the phone book.
Cumberland Junior Secondary2674 Windermere Avenue M 
I 336-9005
Cumberland Lake Park CampgroundComox Lake Road M 
• entrance O 336-9011   • concession O 336-9093
Phone at entrance was not in service very long.
Gas N Go4690 Cumberland Road M 
O 336-9072   • wall by carwash O 336-9097
Home Store used to be here.
Home StoreSee Gas N Go
King George Hotel2723 Dunsmuir Avenue M 
• pub I 336-9094
Supreme Convenience2766 Dunsmuir Avenue M 
I 336-9012
Waverley Hotel2692 Dunsmuir Avenue M 
• pub I 336-9003
BC Ferries (Denman Island to Buckley Bay)3199 Denman Road M 
O 335-8386   O 335-9986
BC Ferries (Denman Island to Hornby Island)5599 East Road M 
O 335-9906
Denman Island Store & Cafe1069 Northwest Road M 
O 335-8381   O 335-9981, 335-9914
Kaleidoscope Market1151 Northwest Road M 
• porch O 335-9918
Fanny Bay Inn7480 Island Highway South M 
• front entrance O 335-8383   • front entrance O 335-9983   I 335-9983
Phone was later moved inside.
Lighthouse RV ParkSee Pepperland RV Park
Pacific Village MotelSee Pepperland RV Park
Pepperland RV Park8256 Island Highway South M 
• gas station O 335-9985   • laundry building O 335-9903
This used to be Pacific Village Motel. Later became Lighthouse RV Park.
The Store7581 Island Highway South M 
O 335-9905
Bradsdadsland Campsite2105 Shingle Spit Road M 
O 335-9911
Ford's Cove Marina10835 Central Road M 
• wall O 335-8393   • wall O 335-9993
Heron Rocks Campground10085 Central Road M 
• manager's cabin O 335-9912
Hornby Diving Lodge10805 Central Road M 
O 335-9919
Hornby Island Co-op5875 Central Road M 
• post office door O 335-8384   • store front O 335-8391   • post office door O 335-9984   • store front O 335-9991
Hornby Island Community Centre4305 Central Road M 
O 335-8395   O 335-9995
Hornby Island Resort4325 Shingle Spit Road M 
O 335-8307   O 335-9907
Also The Thatch Pub.
Joe King Ball Park3851 Central Road M 
• washroom building O 335-9922
The Thatch PubSee Hornby Island Resort
Tribune Bay Campground5200 Shields Road M 
• showers building O 335-8387   • showers building O 335-9901
Tribune Bay Outdoor Education6050 St. Johns Point Road M 
• by sign O 335-9913
Merville Crafts7387 Island Highway M 
O 337-9009
Merville General Store6635 Island Highway M 
O 337-9015
Phone was vandalized near the end of 2003 and never replaced.
Mount Washington Alpine Lodge1111 Alpine Road M 
• entrance O 334-9015   • Fat Teddy's Bar & Grill I 334-9044   • Bradley Centre I 334-9027   • Bradley Buidling I 334-9089
Mount Washington General Store61 Strathcona Parkway M 
O 334-9199
Mount Washington Nordic LodgeAlpine Road
• porch O 334-9198
Mount Washington Raven Lodge1208 Alpine Road M 
Mount Washington Ski ResortMount Washington Road M 
• chain-up area O 334-9100   • chain-up area O 334-9154
Parking area at the bottom of the moutain. Both numbers have been at this location.
Kingfisher Oceanside Resort & Spa4330 Island Highway South M 
338-7014   I 334-9104   • restaurant I 334-9130
This used to be called Kingfisher Inn.
Royston Community Hall3902 Island Highway South M 
• entrance O 338-7011   O 334-9011
Royston Mini-Mart3824 Hayward Avenue M 
O 338-7063   O 334-9063
Royston Shell3922 Island Highway South M 
O 338-7031   O 334-9031   O 334-9184
Seaside Restaurant & Pub4000 Island Highway South M 
I 334-9183
Baynes Sound Rest AreaIsland Highway M 
O 335-9902
Islander Hotel5467 Island Highway South M 
I 335-8380   I 335-9980
Union Bay Boat LaunchIsland Highway M 
O 335-9909
Union Bay Market5555 Island Highway M 
O 335-8389   O 335-9989
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