Former Locations


Courtenay's 338-70xx pay phone numbers were switched to the 334-90xx series around 1987. The 335-99xx numbers used to follow the 335-83xx series.

In 1990 or 1991 the 334-91xx series of of numbers was assigned as Courtenay needed more pay phones.

British Columbia's new 250 area code (which includes the Comox Valley) came into effect in June 1997.

B.C. Tel became Telus in 2000. Phone booths were quickly given the new logos and colours.


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Black Creek Country Market 
· O 337-9098
There used to be two pay phones here and this was the phone on the left. It was taken out between 2001 and 2004.
Hideaway Pub 
· 9413 Bracken Rd.  O 337-9013
This phone was just inside the entrance, upstairs from the pub. It closed in 2004.
Hideaway Resort 
· 9413 Bracken Rd.  O 337-9097
This was the phone outside the general store by the campground.
Miracle Beach Resort 
· 168 Miracle Beach Dr.  O 337-9010
This was not the government campground. The phone which was located outside the store by the beach.
Miracle Service Station 
· Island Hwy.  O 337-9018
On the Island Highway by the turnoff to Miracle Beach.
Rosieıs Country Junction 
· Island Hwy.  O 337-9006
On the Island Highway by the turnoff to Miracle Beach.
Saratoga Speedway 
· 2380 Macaulay Rd.  O 337-9004
By the concession stand.

Buckley Bay Store 
· 6856 Island Hwy.  O 335-8382
This is now a PetroCan station.
Buckley Bay Rest Area 
· O 335-9916
Located on the road between the Buckley Bay ferry terminal and the Inland Island Highway.

Bamboo Inn 
· 1842 Como Ave.  O 339-9000
This later became Zorbaıs Place II.
C.F.B. Comox 
· 339-9007 339-9069 339-9072 339-9075 339-9089 339-9093 339-9096
Various numbers of pay phones that were once located on the Canadian Forces base.
Cedar Village Motel 
· 700 Anderton Rd.  O 339-9042
This phone has been in service for a long time. It was removed when the motel was demolished near the end of 2003.
Comox Airport 
· I 339-9003 339-9083
This airport was closed when the new Comox Valley Air Terminal opened in April 2004.
Comox Centre Mall 
· 190 Port Augusta St.  SUPER VALU I 339-9090 FOOD CONCESSION I 339-9093
In the early 1980s there were only two pay phones at the Comox Centre Mall.
· 190 Port Augusta St.  SUPER VALU I 339-9070 339-9046 339-9097
In 2002 the middle phone was taken out
· 190 Port Augusta St.  REXALL DRUGS I 339-9073
This phone was removed when the mall was renovated in late 2003.
Comox Pinky Coin Laundry 
· 149 Port Augusta St.  I 339-9006
One of the few pay phone numbers listed in the telephone directory.
H.M.C.S. Quadra 
· 339-9018 339-9031 339-9045
Numbers of pay phones that were once at H.M.C.S. Quadra.
Highland Park 
· O 339-9031
This is the municipal park behind Highland Secondary.
Highland Secondary 
· 750 Pritchard Rd.  I 339-9002
Jolly Giant 
· 2064 Comox Ave.  O 339-9027
Kin Beach Park 
· 1712 Astra Rd.  O 339-9021
On the porch of the office.
Kye Bay Store 
· 476 Windslow Rd.  O 339-9015 O 339-9091
Both numbers have been assigned at this location.
The Loft Cabaret 
· 2100 Guthrie Rd.  I 339-9067
The entire building was moved to its present location next to the Washington Inn in Courtenay.
Longlands Par 3 Golf Course 
· 1239 Anderton Rd.  O 339-9029
Lorne Hotel 
· 1770 Comox Ave.  I 339-9006
Port Augusta Motel 
· 2082 Comox Ave.  O 339-9079
Portugese Joeıs 
· 3025 Comox Rd.  O 339-9092
St. Josephıs Hospital 
· 2137 Comox Ave.  EMERGENCY I 339-9035
This phone was in the hallway at the back of the emergency ward. It was removed in 2003.
· 2137 Comox Ave.  PSYCHIATRIC I 339-9063
· 2137 Comox Ave.  339-9016 339-9049 339-9095
Numbers of other pay phones in the hospital.
Seven Eleven 
· 2002 Comox Ave.  O 339-9071
Smittyıs Pancake House 
· 1747 Comox Ave.  I 339-9044
The busines is still operating but they no longer have a pay phone.
Strathcona Plaza 
· O 339-9019
At the corner of Comox Ave. and Anderton Rd.
Tastee Freez Big T Family Restaurant 
· 2002 Comox Ave.  I 339-9097
Was also the location of Arnold's. It was torn down and Seven Eleven was built in its place.

ABC Family Restaurant 
· 2751 Cliffe Ave.  I 334-9061
Although ABC Family Restaurant was located in the Driftwood Mall and there were two pay phones right outside their door, this phone was within the restaurant.
Arbutus Hotel 
· 275 Eighth St.  LOBBY I 334-9090 334-9080
These phones were by the front door and had been for a number of years. In 2002 one was moved inside the lobby just past the elevator. It was once Arbutus TraveLodge and is now Howard Johnson Arbutus Hotel.
· 275 Eighth St.  PUB I 338-7089
This is better known as The Arbuckle Pub. This number was changed around 1987, about the time the Courtenay pay phones were switched from 338-70xx to the 334-90xx series.
Beaufort Recreation Club and Billiard Parlour 
· 367 Fourth St.  I 338-7075
Best Western Collingwood Inn 
· 1675 Cliffe Ave.  I 334-9052
Formerly The Collingwood Inn. In early 2003 it was torn down to make way for the new Safeway.
Bettyıs Place Restaurant 
· See Courtenay Airpark.
Binoıs Restaurant 
· 2601 Cliffe Ave.  I 334-9003
They are now Players Restaurant.
Bonanza Restaurant 
· 2401 Cliffe Ave.  I 334-9081
Now the location of White Spot.
Boogie Manıs Disco 
· 90 Fifth St.  I 338-7083
Later became Jiggers Cabaret.
B.C. Liquor Store 
· 961B England Ave.  O 334-9087
Before they moved to their current location on Cliffe Ave.
B.C. Tel 
· See Telus.
C.R.A. Hall 
· 489 Old Island Hwy.  I 338-7008
The Courtenay Recreation Association, before the Lewis Centre was built in its place.
Canadian Tire 
· 278 Island Hwy.  I 334-9053
In the late 1990s the larger store was built and the phone number was changed.
Chalkyıs Billiards 
· 1755 Thirteenth St.  O 334-9054
Cliffe Avenue Gulf 
· 1723 Cliffe Ave.  O 334-9086
This later became PetroCan.
Columboıs Steakhouse 
· 450 Ryan Rd.  I 338-7039
There was also a phone outside the entrance at the same time. Acropolis Restaurant moved into the building and this phone was taken out.
Cottonwood Motel 
· Old Island Hwy.  O 338-7096
This was torn down in the 1980s and the land was unused until Simms Park was built there in 2000.
Courtenay Airpark 
· 20th St.  Phone booth beside building at the Courtenay Airpark, later Betty's Place Restaurant. The phone was taken out in 2002.
Courtenay Alano Club 
· 129 Fifth St.  Courtenay Hotel 
· 498 Old Island Hwy.  LOBBY I 334-9159
There were once three pay phones in the lobby.
Courtenay Pink Elephant Coin Laundry 
· I 338-7087
See Pink Elephant Coin Laundry in Courtenay.
Courtenay Pinky Coin Laundry 
· I 338-7087
See Pink Elephant Coin Laundry in Courtenay. One of the few pay phone numbers listed in the telephone directory.
Courtenay Post Office 
· 219 Fourth St.  O 334-9006
The phone hasn't changed but the building is now the home of the Courtenay Museum.
Dairy Queen 
· 1030 Cliffe Ave.  O 338-7025
Driftwood Mall 
· 2751 Cliffe Ave.  ZELLERS I 334-9047 334-9049 OVERWAITEA I 334-9040 334-9048
The Driftwood Mall used to have four pay phones (not including Zellers and ABC Family Restaurant) with one pair at each end of the mall. This was before they expanded and Overwaitea was rebuilt.
· 2701 Cliffe Ave.  OVERWAITEA GAS BAR O 334-9151
Overwaitea changed to Save On Foods in September, 2004.
Farmers Market 
· 2270 Cliffe Ave.  I 338-7043
This is currently Mansfield Business Centre and the pay phone is now located outside.
Georgeıs Food Bar 
· 540 Comox Rd.  O 334-9099
Gulf Service Station 
· See Husky Food Store.
Husky Food Store 
· 1135 Cliffe Ave.  O 338-7007
Was once a Gulf service station. Also used to be Land's Happy Marts with a different phone number.
Island Coach Lines 
· 488 Eighth St.  WAITING ROOM I 334-9064 334-9093 OUTSIDE O 334-9065
In 1993 the bus depot was moved from downtown to its present location behind the Driftwood Mall.
JJıs Gym 
· 883 McPhee Ave.  I 334-9088
Jiggers Cabaret 
· See Boogie Manıs Disco.
Johnıs Chevron 
· 721 Cumberland Rd.  O 334-9038
This Chevron station was taken out and the lot remains vacant.
King Koin Lanudry 
· 467 Fourth St.  I 334-9017
This phone was in service for a number of years, until early 2001 when the business closed. One of the few pay phone numbers listed in the telephone directory.
Kinn Hut 
· 4839 Headquarters Rd.  O 334-9012
Was on the side of the building and was later moved to its present location at the entrance of the Comox Valley Exhibition Grounds.
Landıs Happy Marts 
· See Husky Food Store.
Lewis Park 
· O 334-9119
Phone booth by the Fifth Street Bridge, at the current location of Simms Park.
Lillian Lefcoe Centre 
· 237 Third St.  I 334-9095
Lloyd Park Nursery 
· 5352 N. Island Hwy.  O 338-7015
Location changed to Budget Foods, then IGA Foods. It's now Courtenay Country Market and the phone number has changed.
The Loft Cabaret 
· 1051 Ryan Rd.  I 334-9114 334-9115
One of the pay phones was taken out.
Macıs Convenience Store 
· 526 Cumberland Rd.  O 334-9001
Mike Finneron Pontiac Buick 
· 250 Old Island Hwy.  O 338-7001
Mission Hill Market 
· 4195 N. Island Hwy.  O 338-7056
This was also the location of 9 to 9 Grocery.
Mr. Mikeıs Steakhouse 
· 597 Cliffe Ave.  I 334-9000
Yamato Japanese Restaurant is now here, but they don't have the pay phyone. At one time they were called Our Way Restaurant with a different pay phone number.
9 to 9 Grocery 
· See Mission Hill Market.
North Island College 
· 407 Fifth St.  O 334-9098
Their former downtown location was in the old Overwaitea building.
· 2785 Mansfield Dr.  I 334-9050
No. 6 Motel 
· 2605 Cliffe Ave.  I 338-7004 338-7082 O 338-7062
The Travelodge is now at this address and they have no pay phones.
Ocean View Plaza 
· 2885 Cliffe Ave.  O 334-9101
Old House Restaurant 
· 1760 Riverside Lane  I 334-9084
This phone was in service for a number of years. It was removed in 2004 or 2005.
Orcaıs Family Restaurant 
· 1080 Cliffe Ave.  I 334-7014
See also Smittyıs Family Restaurant in Courtenay.
Our Way Restaurant 
· 597 Cliffe Ave.  I 338-7014
See also Mr. Mikeıs Steakhouse.
· 2701 Cliffe Ave.  O 334-9045
Located outside the store.
PetroCan Station 
· 1723 Cliffe Ave.  AIR & WATER O 334-9194 334-9195
These were replaced with two pay phones from Bell Canada in 2004.
Pink Elephant Coin Laundry 
· 339 Sixth St.  I 334-9074
Formerly Courtenay Pinky Coin Laundry, Starlite Coin Laundry and Courtenay Pink Elephant Laundry. They are still operating as BeNu Laundry Services but they no longer have a pay phone.
Rafters Restaurant 
· 1320 Cliffe Ave.  338-7012
Rickyıs Restaurant 
· 795 Ryan Rd.  I 334-9153
Robinıs Donuts 
· 1541 Cliffe Ave.  I 338-7016
· 360 Eighth St.  334-9036
This pay phone has been located both inside and outside. In June 2003 Safeway opened its new location on Cliffe Avenue by Seventeenth Street. This building became the new location for Shoppers Drug Mart.
Shoppers Drug Mart 
· 310 Eighth St.  O 334-9085
In November 2001 this building was destroyed by fire.
Sid Williams Theatre 
· 456 Cliffe Ave.  LOBBY I 338-7042
Known as the Courtenay Civic Theatre, and listed in the telephone directory under the Courtenay municipal government in the mid- to late-1970s. After renovations to The Sid, the pay phone was taken out of the lobby.
Sleepy Hollow Motel 
· 1190 Cliffe Ave.  O 338-7096
Phone was on the wall outside the main office.
Smittyıs Restaurant 
· 1080 Cliffe Ave.  I 338-7052
This later became the location of Orca's Family Restaurant with a different phone number. The building was later owned by North Island College.
· 379 Fifth St.  O 334-9146
Phone booth in downtown Courtenay.
Starlite Coin Laundry 
· 339 Sixth St.  I 334-9087
See Pink Elephant Coin Laundry in Courtenay. One of the few pay phone numbers listed in the telephone directory.
Sunnydale Golf Club 
· 5291 N. Island Hwy.  334-9037
Super Valu 
· 660 England Ave.  I 338-7019
See Thrifty Foods in Courtenay.
· 785 Cliffe Ave.  OUTSIDE O 334-9002 PHONE MART I 334-9057
Formerly B.C. Tel. In the end of September 2002, Telus closed its Courtenay store. The phone booth on the street is still there.
Theoıs Restaurant 
· See Tommy Tuckerıs.
Thrifty Foods 
· 660 England Ave.  CHECKOUTS I 334-9019
This was originally Super Valu and later Village Foods. After Thrifty Foods expanded its store in 2003 the pay phone was removed.
Tommy Tuckerıs 
· 1742 Cliffe Ave.  I 338-7020
At one time this was called Theoıs Restaurant.
Tsolum Store 
· N. Island Hwy.  I 338-7069
Across the highway from Tsolum Elementary.
Village Foods 
· See Thrifty Foods.
· 3199 Cliffe Ave.  ENTRANCE O 338-5974 CHECKOUTS I 338-4518 CUSTOMER SERVICE I 338-4072
When Wal-Mart opened in October, 2001 there were three AT+T phones, the only pay phones in the Comox Valley (that I know of) that did not belong to the phone company. Around the end of 2002 they were changed to Telus phones.
Washington Inn 
· 1001 Ryan Rd.  LOBBY I 338-7066 PUB I 338-7071 VALENTINO'S RESTAURANT I 338-7010
Also known as the Mexicana Inn. The pay phone number for the pub was one of the few pay phone numbers listed in the telephone directory.
White Tower Pizza 
· 645 Cliffe Ave.  I 338-7044 334-9054
Each of these numbers was at this location. See also Zorba's Place.
Woodsman Inn 
· Lake Trail Rd.  338-7029

B.C. Tel 
· 2774 Dunsmuir Ave.  O 336-9090
Phone booth that was outside their Cumberland office.
Comox Lake Campground 
· CONCESSION O 336-9093 ENTRANCE O 336-9011
Cumberland Coin Laundry 
· Dunsmuir Ave.  336-9098
One of the few pay phone numbers listed in the telephone directory.
C.R.I. Hall 
· 2665 Dunsmuir Ave.  I 336-9097
Home Store 
· 4690 Cumberland Rd.  336-9072 336-9097
Phone was removed in 2004 or 2005.
King George Hotel 
· 2723 Dunsmuir Ave.  PUB I 336-9094

Fanny Bay Inn 
· 7480 S. Island Hwy.  O 335-9983
This phone used to be located outside the front entrance.
Pacific Village 
· 8256 S. Island Hwy.  O 335-8385
Now the phone at the Pepper Shell station.
The Store of Fanny Bay 
· 7581 Island Hwy.  O 335-9905
Tribune Bay Campground 
· O 335-8387

The Thatch Pub 
· 4325 Shingle Spit Rd.  335-8307
By the ferry landing.

Merville Crafts 
· 7387 Island Hwy.  O 337-9009
Merville Store 
· 6635 Island Hwy.  O 337-9015
This phone was here for a number of years. It was vandalized near the end of 2003 and never replaced.

Mt. Washington Ski Resort 
· Comox Logging Rd.  334-9100
Former phone booth at the chain-up area below Mt. Washington.

Kingfisher Inn 
· 4330 Island Hwy.  338-7014 334-9104
Both of these numbers were once in service at this location.
Royston Community Hall 
· Island Hwy.  O 338-7011
A phone booth in front of the hall.
Royston Shell 
· 3922 Island Hwy.  O 338-7031

Breakers Resort 
· 8940 Clarkson Dr.  I 337-9017

Union Bay Boat Ramp 
· Island Hwy.  O 335-9909

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