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There are close to 250 pay phones in the Comox Valley. The project of this web page is to maintain information about these phones and provide photographs of their locations.

How It All Began

I have been collecting pay phone numbers in the Comox Valley for over 20 years. I'm not sure why I started, but I've always loved telephones. Some people enjoy collecting stamps, and I suppose that is a more conventional hobby. Actually keeping pay phone lists is just part of my overall interest in telephones.

I used to collect telephone directories, and still do in a small way. At one time I had over 850 but I've since narrowed it down to somewhere around 200. Friends and relatives have brought me phone books from various places around the world, including the Maldives where you look up the name of the house in order to find the phone number.

I also have over 50 old telephones that I've picked up at garage sales and thrift stores, and most of these still work. Shown here is a 3-slot coin telephone in mint condition that I bought from a retired telephone company employee. Recently I bought a key so I could open it to connect the wires and make it work.

So back to the pay phones. For the most part it has been a part-time hobby. Every now and then I'd get out my list and update it, but I'd gradually lose interest in it and put it away again.

I've been on the internet since the end of 1994 and one day I discovered the Pay Phone Directory web site. That's when I realized that I wasn't the only person who was interested in pay phones. And a web page is a great way to share my hobby with others.

So in July 2000 I decided to review my old data. I began to compile a new official list of Comox Valley pay phones whose locations and numbers have been confirmed.. I built a web page and in November 2000 it went on line with 43 confirmed phones. As my new list grew I continued to update the page. When I got a digital camera I decided my web page needed to be more than just a plain list so I redesigned it and this is the result.

Why Pay Phones?

I must admit that I've had mixed reactions when people find out about my pay phone list. Some find it quite interesting while others think I should be locked up. But many ask me, "Why pay phones?"

I guess everybody has a hobby. Some people may spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars for rare stamps, tiny pieces of paper that retain immense value, but what can you do with them besides show them to people? Others may spend an entire afternoon tuning up the engine of their car, but not everybody will get enjoyment from their efforts.

So why pay phones? I suppose I can't do much with my list other than show it to people, and not everybody will get enjoyment from my efforts. It's just something I like doing.

The List

Every pay phone phone here has been checked since I started my new list. Although I have old lists, and the pay phones' telephone numbers rarely change for each location, I still make a point of visiting each phones and verifying it before adding it to the list.

For each pay phone I record more informationi than just its phone number. For example, 334-9013 is in the Coast Westerly Hotel at 1590 Cliffe Ave. in Courtenay, it's in the lobby,, is inside the building, is the second phone in the group of three, and is a Millennium model. In most cases I also have a photo of the location.

The list is constantly changing. Phones are installed into new locations and occasionally removed as well. As I am able to confirm more numbers and get more photographs I will continue to update this page.

Reading the List

The first list is sorted alphabetically by location and the second list is divided by cities. A name with a link indicates a photograph of that location. The I means the phone is inside a building and O means outside. Numbers in red indicate Telus phones and numbers in dark red indicate non-Telus phones, either AT+T or Bell Canada. All Comox Valley telephone numbers are in the (250) area code. In groups of two or more, the numbers are for the phones from left to right as you face the phones.

Previous Locations

This list shows some locations that used to have pay phones, including before I started my updated list in 2000.


Yes, there are other pay phone web pages out there. This isn't the only one.


143 Pay Phone Numbers Confirmed
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