This web page is dedicated to those who remind us
that we are human and we do make mistakes.

Sometimes the funniest things in life are not those we make up but those that happen to us. We say things, write things and do things that we think are correct but somehow they come out different. Sometimes it's embarrassing for us and surprising for others, but often it's too funny to be forgotten. Here is my collection of Life's Bloopers.


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These are answers given by students on science exams.

  • One hydrogin martini, hold the water.
  • Many dead animals of the past changed to fossils while others preferred to be oil.
  • All animals were here before mankind. The animals lived peacefully until mankind came along and made roads, houses, hotels and condoms.
  • Men are mammals and women are femammals.
  • Proteins are composed of a mean old acid.
  • The largst mammals are to be found in the sea because there is nowhere else to put them.
  • Involuntary muscles are not as willing as voluntary ones.
  • Methane, a greenhouse gas, comes from the burning of trees and cows.
  • The spinal column is a long bunch of bones. The head sits at the top and you sit on the bottom.
  • Mushrooms always grow in damp places and so they look like umbrellas.
  • Some people say we condescended from the apes.
  • The leopard has black spots which look like round soars on its body. Those who catch soars get leprosy.
  • The three cavities of the body are the head cavity, the tooth cavity and the abominable cavity.
  • Most books say the sun is a star. But it still knows how to change back into the sun in the daytime.
  • Cadavers are dead bodies that have donated themselves to science. This procedure is called gross anatomy.
  • A liter is a nest of young baby animals.
  • The earth makes a resolution every 24 hours.
  • Parallel lines never meet unless you bend one or both of them.
  • Algebra was the wife of Euclid.
  • A circle is a figure with 0 corners and only one side.
  • A right angle is 90 degrees Farenhight.
  • Genetics explains why you look like your father, and if you don't, why you should.
  • A supersaturated solution is one that holds more than it can hold.
  • The pistol of a flower is its own protection against insects.
  • An example of animal breeding is the farmer who mated a bull that gave a great deal of milk with a bull with good meat.
  • If conditions are not favourable, bacteria go into a period of adolescence.
  • Water is composed of two gins, Oxygin and Hydrogin. Oxygin is pure gin. Hydrogin is gin and water.
  • When oxygen is combined with anything, heat is given off. This is knows as constipation.
  • As the rain forests in the Amazon are shrinking, so are the Indians.

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