Words of Comfort
Aired October 28, 1970.

End of an interview program in a television studio.

Interviewer (Patricia Hayes): He was your bishop for how long?
Reverend Filcheyt (Benny Hill): For more years than I care to remember. But you know, I never forget what he used to say to me: "Never forget, Reverend, hard cash doth not a soft heart make." And you know, I never forgot that.
Interviewer: Thank you, Reverend Filchey. (smiles at the camera at the close of the interview)

Closing music plays, the camera slowly zooms out, the lights dim and the show's title "Words of Comfort" appears on the screen where the two are chatting, sitting in the dimmed light. As the show closes, the studio microphones are still turned on.

Reverend Filchey: Never found out what the silly old twit meant.
Interviewer: I mean, stupid old thing. The last time he was in this building he pinched my bum.
Reverend Filchey: Can't say that I blame him...
Interviewer: Now look...
Reverend Filchey: ... as soon as we're off I should pinch it myself.
Interviewer: Oh! Definitely.
Reverend Filchey: Are you coming on...

from off-stage (Michael Sharvell-Martin): Cut the sound! Cut the sound! Cut!!! Oh my god, oh my god!
Reverend Filchey: (Now aware that something is wrong) Do you what...
Interviewer: What's that?

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