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2011 October 3rd Monday at 18:02
Dave from New York City

Looking for lyrics to ''Please Let Me Go Around Again'',
Benny's Bob Dylan Take-off

2011 July 13th Wednesday at 16:36
Roberto from Italy

Benny, you are the best in the world. He was a wonderful simply man... THANKS!

2011 January 29th Saturday at 20:52
russell from westmont,IL USA

does anyone know the episode where benny and a dark haired girl do a duet of a country song? dont know the name or words to the song tho!

2010 September 16th Thursday at 7:19
Jay from Connecticut

Does anyone know the title, lyrics and where to find the video of the song that BH sang about a female mariachi dancer that included these words (or close!)

I like her costume, It barely fits
I like like her shoulders, I like her....eyes


2010 February 11th Thursday at 3:07
Frank K from Albury NSW Australia

Been a fan of Benny Hill since first shown on TV. It's great to see Channel 7two showing it every week night at 7pm. It is wonderful entertainment from someone who was a real comedic genius & so out of kilter with today's overly politically correct times. He gets away with so much with his characteristic smirk. But the more I see of him & read about him confirms he was a true pioneer of comedy & so original.RIP Alfred Hawthorne ''Benny'' Hill

2009 August 17th Monday at 10:36
Pat McCord from Schererville IN

I am trying to locate the name of some music ditty that was played on one of Benny Hill's T V shows. It is not the theme song of his show which was Yakkety Yak by Boots Randolph. In this music, which I am trying to locate, there is a male voice singing to melody to the words ''na, na, na, na,. na'' and then female voices some in with something like ''de, de, de de''

I do appreciate so much your search for this. I am at wits end trying to find the name of the ditty.
Thank you
Pat McCord
Schererville IN

2009 April 7th Tuesday at 15:19
Jerry from Florida

Benny had a country western song with words ''....and the only time I ever kiss my wife is when I don't have a napkin.'' Can anyone tell me the title of the song or the rest of the lyrics.


2009 March 2nd Monday at 12:14
Mark Z. from Los Angeles

Hello All! I was just thinking about our hero, and that has led me to this great website. Here's a link to one of Benny's best songs, and my personal favorite:


2008 November 27th Thursday at 0:55
Carole from New Zealand

Looking for the lyrics of The Flash skit - anone know these?

2008 October 18th Saturday at 4:21
André from Berlin, Germany


there is a sketch in episode 2 where benny plays several instruments to impress a singing woman. the song she sings is called ''mad about you''. Who can give me further information about this song (composer etc.) ?


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